At the moment


  • Weekly market Every Friday in the morning.
  • Jonquer's street festivity. May, Sant Isidre's weekend.
  • Old age's homage a la Vellesa. Monday of Easter.
  • Festa Major de les Planes en honor a Sant Jaume. Last weekend in July.
  • Festa Major de les Encies en honor a Santa Maria. The second Sunday in September.
  • Fira de la fusta i l'artesania. On the last Saturday of September.
  • Santa Espina o festa petita de les Planes. On 27 of September.
  • Festa major de Cogolls i aplec de Sant Grau a l'ermita de Sant Pelegrí. The second Sunday in October.



Finalisation of the sanitary construction on Torrent's street.

Torrent's street was one of the few sections of the urban zone in Les Planes d'Hostoles which didn´t have the sanitary net.

The constructions which had been carried out in order to install sewage water net in the Torrent's street are: demolition of a small part of the way, excavation to install sewage water, construction of some artesian well, new pavement and a replacement of the driest walls.

The cost of this construction is 32.488,57€. It has been financed by a subsidy of the Girona's deputation of about 20.176€.