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Les Planes d’Hostoles (La Garrotxa) Girona
Les Planes d'Hostoles, a modern township in la Garrotxa. It hasn´t had an own identity until the nineteen century. It has been like a wall in the township in Sant Feliu de Pallerols until 1872, when they finally got together.
It is in the Hostoles valley and the village is situated on the right of the river Brugent which is born at the mountain range called Corb and it receives the water from Cogolls. Part of the volcanic zone in la Garrotxa is in this village. At the North there is a volcano called Traiter.
Formerly the place based its economy in the forestry used, in agriculture and in mills which took the advantage of the water from the river and from Cogolls. Eventually the industry has been imposed in the last years.
You can get  to this township  by bus, by train and by plane; and There is also a direct contact with a taxi in this same village, Les Planes d'Hostoles: 610570680.
It's in the North of the village.
The Sant Cristòfol church is the oldest valley in Hostoles, its date from the last century. There are some groups of country houses in the zone and most of them are since XI, XII and XIII centuries. The most known zone for "Estanyols" is composed of three country houses which are made since 1285 and 1286.
Cogolls is a privileged place for its water. Hydraulic energy was used since the XIII century. There exist four mills: Pruenca's mill, Fontanil's mill, Sant Pelegrí's mill and the Murris' mill.
Setting off of the "Estanyol" zone you can gain access to Sant Salvador and in a castle called Puig-alder.
Les Encies.
It's in the south of the range mountain Medes. It was inhabited a long time ago, like it's shown by some things found in el Clot in the VII century before C, they were also found in romanic culture. In the document found in 1155, there is the Santa Maria de les Encies church. There is also some dates of Miró III and there are some scripts from les Encies, el Clusells, el mas de les Llunes and Alou.

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