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Les Planes d'Hostoles-Vista Alegre-Les Planes

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Tour distance: 4,1 km

Altitude min: 327 metres, max: 386 metres

Acum. slope going up: 51 metres, going down: 59 metres

Difficulty: Easy



Les Planes d'Hostoles-S.Feliu Pallerols-Cogolls-Les Planes

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Tour distance: 15,92 km

Altitude min: 327 metres, max: 602 metres

Acum. slope going up: 274 metres, going down: 273 metres

Difficulty: Difficult



Les Encies-Esteve de Llémena-St Aniol de Finestres-Les Encies

Tour distance: 31,89 km

Altitude min: 271 metres, máx: 835 metres

Acum. slope going up: 993 metres, going down: 990 metres

Diffculty: Moderate




Tourism office (La Carbonera)

Les Planes d'Hostoles (La Garrotxa) Girona

Telephone number 972 448026

E-mail: turisme@lesplanes.cat 



Les Planes d'Hostoles - Route in the old nucleus in les Planes

It is a short and easy route, because the nucleus of this township can be considered as a flat route in which you walk for about 30 minutes.

It begins in la Plaça Nova, where you can see the township's badge. It follows in la Pujada del Remei, where formerly it was a castle owned by los Olmera.

Walking you find yourself in la Espanya's square, where you can see the Bomba's fountain. Following the street there is the Sant Cristòfol church.

From the church square you can see the football pitch and the local government, which 50 years ago was the prison of this township.

If you leave the itinerary, you find the rector's fountain and the devil's stone. As the legend explains, a devil, who was born in the hill, was riding a horse when he marked the horse's footprint in a stone. This stone, situated in el torrent Llameca, has a mark, but it seems it is a mollusc fossil;i t is thought because formerly it was a big sea.

Following the Joan Vidal's street, on the left there is an old parish center where the nuns used it as a private school. On the right there is a restored building La Cooperativa.

Going down at the Balmes' street, the route follows by the Fountain's street.

At the top of the street there is the Can Roure's fountain, built in the 1767 by Vedruna's house. Near there, there is a laundromat, where there are few women who go there to wash clothes.

Leaving the laundromat on the right, if you continue along the street you get in Ángel's Fountain and then in Ángel's hermitage. Afterwards you should return to the Vedruna's laundromat and join in the street called: Nova Vedruna where there is an old house dated at the XIII's century.

Once you are in Narcís Arnau's avenue, you pass in front of the Sant Cristòfol's school, a modernist style which was inaugurated at the end of the 1918.

To finish the itinerary you have to go up by la Rambla.


Les Planes d'Hostoles - The Murris' mill R.1

From the Tourism office, follow the Green Road in direction to Sant Feliu. Before crossing under the bridge, you should leave the Green Road to join with the asphalt road on the left and you will find up the bridge. Follow the road, you will find a signal on the right which says: GORGA DEL MOLÍ DEL MURRIS (the Murris' mill gorg). Here there is a small parking. Then, if you walk in the forest road for about 100m, in 3 minutes you will find yourself in the Murris' mill.

Tour distance: 2,9 km

Altitude min: 328 metres, max: 397 metres

Acum. slope going up: 58 metres, going down: 1 metres

Difficulty: Easy

Time: Half an hour.


Les Planes d'Hostoles - Santa Margarida's waterfall R.2

From la Carobonera, take the Green Road, which passes in front of la Caseta's restaurant. Follow the Green Road and you will pass under a bridge after the second bridge, in which you also pass under, you will get in the third bridge which has some wood handrails. Just after it, you should turn left where there is an hermitage; if you continue you'll see 3 electric towers and once you get in the third you turn right and follow the path. At the end of this path you'll find yourself in the Santa Margarida's waterfall! Enjoy the views, they are amazing.

Tour distance: 1,84 km

Altitude min: 297 metres, max: 350 metres

Acum. slope going up: 26 metres, going down: 49 metres

Difficulty: Moderate

Time: Half an hour.


Les Planes d'Hostoles - El Roure de la Xuriguera R.3

Once you are in La Carbonera you should go straight to the principal road (C-63), turn on the right and following the road for 100 meters turn on the left. Keep going until you get on the road, which is beside the football pitch which guides to the Xuriguera's road. This road is paved until you get in a country house called el Bosqueró. There you will find a mark "Espai d'Interès Natural". Going ahead you will see a mark which will be useful for you to check you are going the right way. Once you have passed this, you will arrive in a rock ( Xuriguera's rock), you should follow the path ahead. Later you will find yourself in a bridge in which if you turn left you will see a country house (la Costa). You might go ahead and leave the route to go to the next mark (it's green). Following the path which goes in the direction to Sant Martí Sacalm in a 50 metres you will find a small high plateau. On the right-hand there is a small path which in 3 minutes will guide you to the tree.

Tour distance: 3,57 km

Altitude min: 335 metres, max: 609 metres

Acum. slope going up: 274 metres, going down: 1 metres

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 1 hour.


Les Planes d'Hostoles - Castillo de Hostoles R.4

Leaving La Carbonera you should follow the Green Road in Sant Feliu de Pallerol's direction, then you will find an indicator which says Castell d'Hostoles (Hostoles' castle). Leave the Green Road and walk for 100 m. you will have to go throughout the road (C-63) in order to get on the other side. Be careful when you cross the road! Right there you start going up in the Castle and in a half an hour you will find yourself in the top watching the beautiful views.

Tour distance: 3, 97 km

Altitude min: 328 metres, max: 532 metres

Acum. slope going up: 189 metres, going down: 1 metres

Difficulty: Moderate

Time: 1 hour.


Les Planes d'Hostoles - Gorg de la Plana R.5

Leaving La Carbonera you should follow the Green Road in Amer's direction. Once you find an indicator of San Jaume's path, follow the urban route which passes in the middle of the town (on the right). At the end of this path there is the Vedruna's square, go through the river, follow the grass' path and turn on the left at the Paper's mill and go along the vegetable patch until the end. 

Tour distance: 2,04 km

Altitude min: 334 metres, max: 374 metres

Acum. slope going up: 34 metres, going down: 1 metres

Difficulty: Easy

Time: Half an hour.